Masters of Finance Podcast

  • Episode 26 - Is Labor going to kill the economy?

    This episode Alex and Chris discuss Labors Election tax policies. Franking Credits, Abolition of Negative Gearing, Tax on trust distributions and superannuation. What does it mean for you, and what does it mean for the economy. Have a listen. 

  • Episode 25 - 2019 Budget Wrap

    5 Apr 2019 - In this Episode, Chris and Alex are joined by Paul Moran to talk about the Federal Budget handed down on the 2nd of April by the treasurer Josh Frydenberg. This is a discussion and not simply just stating the changes in the tax brackets so tune in for some more philosophical analysis and some light hearted fireside chat. 

  • Episode 24 - From the Crib to the Castle! How to help your children get ahead

    27 Mar 2019 - In this Episode, Chris and Alex go through some of the reasons why people like to help their children out financially and discuss how to go about saving or investing for these particular goals. Alex gives us some insight into how he is teaching his daughter to manager her pocket money and we also pose the philosophical question of whether it is better to help your children out by providing them with financial capital or financial knowledge and habits.

  • Episode 23 - Want a successful Retirement? Watch out for the Retirement Cliff!

    13 Mar 2019 - Paul Moran is back for this episode of the podcast and shares some insight into how to plan for successful retirement. Paul gives us his definition of retirement as well as identifying some key time points in the lead up and some of the actions you need to be taking to avoid falling off the 'Retirement Cliff'! We also discuss some of the things that people need to do once they do retire to make sure that they enjoy it and don't feel too lost and try and reduce the impact of cognitive decline on their life and their investments. Have a listen!

  • Episode 22 - Self Managed Super...can it work for me?

    27 Feb 2019 - This episode Chris and Alex discuss Self Managed Superannuation Funds - what are they, how are they different (or the same) from retail and industry super, and how they might work for you. Have a listen. 

  • Episode 21 - Royal Commission Review

    12 Feb 2019 - In this episode Chris and Alex are joined by Paul Moran and Podcast debutant Marcus Nicholson to discuss and dissect the recommendations handed down in the Royal Commission into Banking and Finance. This is not the extensive list but more of a conversation about the issues likely to impact consumers of financial services and us as Financial Planners. 

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  • Episode 20 - Nothing is certain - but Death and Taxes

    29 Jan 2019 - In this episode we look at Tax Structuring - what are the options available to you based on your scenario, how can they help and how can you take advantage. Have a listen.  

  • Episode 19 - 2018 Wrap

    21 Dec 2018 - In this episode we look back on our first year podcasting together and go back through some of the big issues of 2018 as well as looking forward to some key events of 2019. Have a listen.

  • Episode 18 - Location! Location...Housing Collapse?

    14 Nov 2018 - This episode we hear a discussion that was recorded in July this year. We thoroughly dissect the property market, and whether we think the bubble has burst. We explore a number of the forces at play - why the market is softening, rising interest rates and a lack of wages growth. Have a listen.

  • Episode 17 - Are you living your ideal life?

    31 Oct 2018 - In this episode Chris and Alex explore Lifestyle Financial Planning. Are you living a life that is aligned to what's really important to you, or are you just doing what society says you 'should'. We discuss how traditional financial advice can be overlaid with this approach to deliver value that isn't just financial. Have a listen.

  • Episode 16 - Sort your Estate out BEFORE you kick the bucket!

    16 Oct 2018 - In this episode Chris and Alex explore some of the options available around estate planning so that what you want to happen when you kick the bucket, actually happens. We have a look at some things that need to be in your Will, briefly discuss testamentary trusts, and look at how to transfer assets to without them passing through your estate in case of potential challenges to your Will. Have a listen.

  • Episode 15 - The Future is Now

    14 Sep 2018 - This week we have a bit of a yarn about what changes are happening in our world. Some of our favourite topics we discuss include Artificial intelligence, driverless cars, tech companies infiltrating your wallet, blockchain & crypto, digital health records and data security. The future is here and we are embracing it!

  • Episode 14 - Political Spills & RC Thrills

    6 Sept 2018 - This week we are finally joined on the Podcast by Cameron Howlett of Moran Howlett Financial Planning to have a fireside chat about the leadership spill in Australian politics over the last couple of weeks and discuss some of the potential fallout from the upcoming Federal election. We also get Cameron's point of view on the Royal Commission and the higher education standards for financial planners which will come into effect in the future.

  • Episode 13 - Cash Flow is King

    28 Aug 2018 - This week Chris and Alex delve into the fundamental building block of wealth creation which is cash flow. We discuss why it is important, how to get a handle on where you are spending your money and look at some of the software solutions around that can improve your cash flow management. Get in touch with us if you want to look into this further.

  • Episode 12 - Turkeys, Trade Wars and Car Parking

    20 Aug 2018 - We are back! We have revamped the podcast and made some improvements to take it to the next level. Join us as we catch up and chat about the Trade war between the US and China, look at the Turkish Lira and the Eurozone before getting into whats happening to House prices.

  • Episode 11 - How do we survive when the robots steal our jobs?

    23 May 2018 - This week Chris and Alex discuss Universal Basic Income - what is it, will AI drive it, is it good or bad, and what it might mean for us as a society. 

  • Episode 10 - Budget 2018 Special Edition

    11 May 2018 - Chris & Alex are again joined by Paul Moran to break down the budget in a bit more detail specifically addressing those budget changes in relation to tax, superannuation, and older Australians. This isn't another 'winners and losers' take on the budget but rather an insightful discussion and overall view of how this budget might affect all Australians. We get a bit technical for the propeller heads and some political discussions creep their way in as well.  

  • Episode 9 - Dirty profits - Lies, Deception and Downfall

    7 May 2018 - The 'Big Five' - do you love them, or hate them? Or are you just not sure which way you swing? This week Chris and Alex discuss the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission - what has happened, why they have got away it for so long, and what does it mean from here.  

  • Episode 8 - Put your money where your morals are!!

    24 Apr 2018 - Ethics...What does your moral compass look like? Are you investing in line with your views? This week Chris and Alex discuss SRI - or Socially Responsible Investments - what are they, how do they work and what are some of the solutions available. 

  • Episode 7 - Debt - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    17 Apr 2018 - You may have seen the Clint Eastwood film of the same name but this is no spaghetti western. This week we look at some of the different forms of debt and discuss whether it is good debt, bad debt or the hideous ugly debt. We also discuss some strategies for dealing with debt and how you can transform your debt to move from the ugly up to the good.

  • Episode 6 - Bill and Frank(ing)

    29 Mar 2018 - This week we get a little more political as we discuss Bill Shorten and Labor's plan to cancel the refund of franking credits. We go into detail about how the franking credits or dividend imputation system works here in Australia and who are the people who will be most affected by the change. We even have our suggestions on what could be done to improve this policy, if it has to get enacted. If you listen closely you may also pick up on a strategy or two to help find the loophole in this policy. 

  • Episode 5 - What's the Alternative?

    7 Mar 2018 - This week Chris and Alex discuss Alternative Investments. We explore the broad church that this asset class encompasses, and try and break down what it all means and why they might be useful. 

  • Episode 4 - Acorn's to Oak Trees

    27 Feb 2018 - This week Chris and Alex sat down to review the fintech company Acorns. Acorns is a micro-investing application that allows you to invest small amounts regularly from your bank account into a diversified share portfolio.

  • Episode 3 - Biased Much?

    18 Feb 2018 - This week Chris and Alex talk to Paul Moran of Moran Howlett Financial Planning and explore the topic of behavioral finance. we look more closely at some of the common biases people exhibit, rational decision making and how the skills and training of a paramedic crossover with being a Financial Planner.

  • Episode 2 - Bondcano or Cryptopocalypse?

    9 Feb 2018 - This week Chris and Alex discuss the turbulent week we have had on the market, and poke some fun at the mainstream media for their creative headlines.

  • Episode 1 - What you need to know about Bitcoin

    7 Feb 2018 - This week Alex & Chris discuss Bitcoin and some of the key issues and opportunities around the blockchain technology.

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