Investment Management

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Direct investment philosophy

At Moran Howlett Financial Planning we have a strong preference for investing directly into assets such as ASX listed securities, direct property or Fixed Term Deposits as opposed to the traditional approach taken by most financial advisers in using Managed Funds. Our clients have their own individually managed accounts which mean that their portfolio is tailored completely to their needs and objectives.

The concept behind this is two fold, firstly we create a personalized portfolio which is managed solely for you our client. This means that if a large bank pays dividends of 8%, you will receive the full benefit of the franking credit in your portfolio. It also means that you can access say a bank Term Deposit paying 6.6%. Secondly, every client’s portfolio is tailored to suit the style of investor you are as well as your stated goals and objectives.

Individually managed accounts (IMA)

An Individually Managed Account(IMA) is a portfolio of investments, in which you the investor has direct ownership of shares in the portfolio, they are not held via a Platform or via managed funds, but you personally own small pieces of large blue chip companies, your own term deposits, perhaps some bonds as well.

An IMA, therefore, combines the beneficial features of investing directly in the stock market and investing through managed funds, because you own the stocks directly, we however, help and advise you on which investments you should have in your IMA to help you meet your personal goals and objectives.

Where does our research come from? 

We source quality third party research from a number of professional research houses. Our major provider helps us put together model portfolios for our clients which we use and tailor depending on the client circumstances, needs and objectives. Our provider has more than 24 analysts providing research on more than 270 Australian companies. They offer an objective third-party perspective on both macro-economic events and detailed investment research with the objective of finding companies, funds and ETF's with long-term viability that will deliver sustainable earnings per share and dividend growth for investors over the longer term.

The information on this website is of a general nature only and may not be relevant to your particular circumstances. The circumstances of each investor are different and you should seek advice from a financial planner who can consider if the strategies and products are right for you.